Thursday, November 26, 2009

My First Posting in Cyberspace

So, here I am with a full belly from a delicious Thanksgiving dinner, writing my first ever blog post. In the background, I hear a football game, my two-year-old watching the game saying, "Set, Doh, Set, DOH!!!!" (his version of ready, set, go), and feeling the wonderful feeling of spending time with my family and spending some much-needed down time. I have set out into cyberspace hoping to create a blog with information on how to save money with coupons and deals, as well as a little bit of my life. My son says some pretty hilarious things, so the entertainment there never ends.

There are several couponing blogs out there and they give a wealth of information. But I haven't found anything that gives information specific to where I live, which is West Tennessee. Jackson, to be specific. I have found couponing blogs that outline GREAT deals, and I get so excited, only to look for the coupons suggested and find that my circular doesn't actually include that coupon. So I'm on a mission to create a money-saving blog that will benefit everyone, including people in my relative geographic location.

I look forward to making many cyber friends, collaborating with other money-saving moms, and being in a great community of people who share information about the deals that are out there, just waiting to be found!! I wish everyone out there a Blessed Thanksgiving. May you be able to enjoy time with family or friends, eat a delicious meal (whatever that means to you), and relax a little bit......before setting out to get some fantastic deals on Black Friday!

Farewell for now,

Your Go-To Fru-"gal"

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