Friday, February 19, 2010

Get a $100 P&G Coupon Book!!!

I got an email this morning from P&G about an incredible promotion they're running right now!  If you spend $50 on any P&G products between Feb. 1 and April 15 (before tax or coupon discounts), keep your receipts, circle the amounts of the items, print and fill out a mail-in form, and send it to them, they'll send you a coupon book with $100 worth of coupons in it!!  I'm looking at the website with pictures of P&G products, and if I haven't spent $50 on them this month, I definitely will by April 15th!!  It includes Pampers, Iams dog food, Tide, and several other big ticket items that we usually get incredible deals on, so I think I can do this!!  Check out the information site here and see if you can get a $100 coupon booklet, too!!

*Updated to add: Did I mention that the Venus and Olay deals at Target that have been flying around the Internet completely qualify in this offer?  What's better than "spending" $50 on things that you're getting for free?!?  I'm about to head out to Target right now to get some free razors and Olay body wash, and you know that P&G will be getting my receipt for those items, even though I'll end up paying nothing for them (with the Target gift card offer and the Olay rebate)!  Gotta love it!

**Updated again to add that I'm a big doofus!!  You have to have the original receipt for both the Olay rebate and the P&G coupon book.  Doh!  Oh, well....I still got a great deal at Target.  They didn't have the Venus Breeze razors, but the coupons wouldn't have worked for them anyway because the coupon states that you have to purchase either a Venus Embrace or Venus Spa Breeze, which the Venus Breeze doesn't qualify for.  But I bought two Venus Spa Breeze razors for $4.99 each, and two Olay Body Washes that were priced at $5.84 each.  So I had the (2) $2 off coupons for any Venus Breeze razor and the 2 B1G1 free coupons for the Olay Body Wash.  I needed some Facial Moisturizer, and had another $1 off coupon, so I paid $6.44 for that.  But I bought three Olay items!  So I can get my $15 rebate and I ended up spending $12.  Not bad!  I'll take a few bucks.  I'm kinda bummed that the whole gift card deal didn't work out, but it's still a good deal.  And I figure that I'll submit for the Olay rebate now and keep collecting receipts with my P&G items, since I have until April 15th to purchase all of those.  With a toddler still in diapers, it's not going to be hard to reach $50 by the middle of April! 

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