Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Walgreens Deals for the Week of 4/4 through 4/10

Again, I'm going to link you to another post with a great listing of the deals at Walgreens this week.  It is, of course, posted by Erica over at iheartwags.com.

She lists freebies first, then register rewards deals, then coupon matchups, and then filler items (you have to have as many items as you have manufacturer's coupons, and register rewards count as manufacturer's coupons - so if you have a coupon for every item you're purchasing AND you want to use register rewards, you'll need extra, or filler, items.  Low cost items are the best things to use as fillers).

Anyway, here is the post - make sure you pay attention to the Frixion Pens/Highlighters deal - it's a possible money maker!  And even if it's not, they're good pens for pennies!  Hehe!  

Thanks, Erica!!

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