Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Made It Back Home

I spent most of the day yesterday driving back to West TN from Knoxville.  Since the Interstate was (and still is) closed in Nashville, I had to drive down to Chattanooga and then across the southern part of the state (for 7 hours!!) to get home.

I really didn't see much flooding while I was driving back until I got into Jackson and then I saw standing water in several places - even cars sitting in a giant pool of water.  But there wasn't any flooding along the southern edge of the state.  I'm so sorry for anyone in Nashville who was affected by the storms.  It was a crazy weekend here. 

So sorry for the extra long delay in deal postings - I'll try to get some stuff up here.  I haven't even made my monthly menu yet - it's been a crazy start to May!  I'll get that done and posted as soon as I can, too.

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