Sunday, October 14, 2012

Have You Heard of ThredUp?

Every time the weather starts shifting because of the season change, I start thinking about updating my kiddo's closet.  You would think that, since kids are so much smaller and therefore the clothes they wear use so much less material, that kids' clothing would be less expensive.  But it's so not!  Sometimes the jeans in the kids' clothing store cost as much or more than my jeans!  What?!

That's why ThredUp is so cool.


Since kids outgrow clothes so quickly, it only makes sense to be able to "trade" they clothes they used to wear for clothes one size up!  You bag up and send them (for free) your used (but in like-new condition) kids' clothing and they'll either pay you for them or you can have a credit toward picking other clothing that your kid can wear now! 

What a deal, huh?  Click here to check it all out.  Plus, you can enjoy FREE SHIPPING with your first order when you use coupon code SHIPOCT12 at checkout!

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