Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Kroger Deals for Me This Week

So I did my weekly shopping trip to Kroger yesterday and boy did I score on meat!! I went over my weekly budget for food, but I didn't need anything from Target this week, so I'm just pretending that I didn't go over my budget at all! :) I'm trying to spend no more than $100 a week on groceries and toiletries, and I spent $92 at Kroger, so I'm good! Although I haven't visited Walgreen's yet, so that might push me a little bit over, what with the few good deals I'm expecting to get there!

Anyway, here's my main takeaway from Kroger:

16 pork chops - $1.68/lb in the family pack
11 chicken leg quarters - $.59/lb sold in a 10 lb. bag
6 chicken breasts - $2.69/lb (not a good deal, but I needed some chicken breasts)

Other great deals that I took advantage of:
Hot, Lean or Croissant Pockets, assorted varieties $1.78
(10/25 SS) Save $0.50/3
Final Price, $0.78 for one wyb 3
(I eat these for lunch when I work 2 days a week)

Yoplait Yogurt $10/5 (.50 each)
(01/03GM) Save $.40/6
(01/03GM) Save $.50/8
Final Price, $.37-.38 each

Dawn Dish Detergent $2.00
(12/27 P&G $0.50)
Final Price, $1.00

Other than this, I mostly bought stuff that I'll need for meals this week (produce, multi-grain bread [I don't have coupons for this, so I don't stock up and freeze it], dairy, etc.

I already had some chicken in the freezer, which I had planned on eating last night.  But I forgot to pull it out of the freezer to thaw, so I decided to just cook some of the fresh chicken that I knew I was going to buy (the chicken leg quarters for $.59/lb!!) and then I threw a few pork chops into the oven with them to replace the other chicken that I was going to bake to have LO tonight.

I packaged up all the other meat that I got and my freezer has a very full tummy!!  :)  We'll be able to eat for probably two or three weeks just on that meat.  Incredible!  That ought to cut down on my grocery bill for the next few weeks.  We'll see!

Hope you find some good deals, too!

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