Saturday, February 6, 2010

Toaster Oven Crisis Has Been Averted

As I was pondering what I was going to do about my toaster oven crisis (I know that's kind of a strong word for what the situation actually was, but I'm trying to grab my reader's attention right off the bat and weak words just don't do that!), I found an email in my inbox from Kohl's.  They are having a sale this weekend and sent out emails to all people on their mailing list letting us know about the sale and giving us an additional 15% off!  I went to the website to see if it was even worth my time going out to the store to see what they had in the way of toaster ovens.  I found several models that looked promising at a not-to-ridiculous price tag.  So I printed my coupon and the kiddo and I headed out.

We stopped by Big Lots first, because I wanted to see if I could get something acceptable for a reasonable price there.  They had two Black & Decker toaster ovens, but both of the boxes were opened and the models were basically the bottom of the line and still priced at $32 - a little high for bottom of the line at Big Lots, I thought!  I would have saved 20% by being a member of the BuzzClub, but that would have still been about a $28 purchase for a sub-par TO.  Suffice it to say, I decided that coming back to Big Lots would be my last resort if I decided I couldn't wait two weeks to have the TO from shipped to me.

When we got to Kohl's, we found the TO's but the prices were really hard to find!  I have to say, it wasn't the easiest shopping experience I've ever had there.  But I did find a nice TO (it's actually the exact some model I was looking at on and it was on sale for $39.99.  I know that's $10 more than I would have paid online, but don't forget that I was armed with my 15% off coupon!  That made the oven more like $34, which is definitely reasonable.  I hemmed and hawed and finally decided that it was worth $4 to me to have the toaster oven now instead of waiting 2 weeks for it.  As I was walking out, I remembered that I had seen a deep fryer in the online Kohl's ad that I wanted to take a look at in the store.  The hubs has been asking me to make sure we have one before we make our yearly trek down to the beach this summer so we can deep fry our own shrimp (we make sure we can take a vacation every year, but it takes some money-saving shortcuts like cooking all of our own meals to make it happen).  Well, I found one that was originally $39.99 on sale for $19.99 AND I had my 15% off coupon!  That made it $17!!!!  I was SUPER stoked about that find!

When I checked out, I had spent $55 - not too bad on a fairly nice TO and a deep fryer!  And since I spent over $50, I got $10 in Kohl's cash!!!  I have to admit, though, that I was a little bit skeptical about whether or not I was going to use that Kohl's cash.  I know it's basically the same concept as Register Rewards at Walgreens, which I get really excited about.  But there are lots of things that I need at Walgreens that I can use my RR on, whereas the things that are at Kohl's are not really things I need.  Or are they?

A few weeks back, we scored a free coffee-maker from Gevalia (you've seen all of those great deals, right?).  The only downfall to it was that it requires you to purchase the cone-shaped Melitta filters.  Well, guess what!  I saw those at Kohl's!!!!  I can go back and use my $10 to buy as many cone-shaped Melitta filters as I can with that money!  I might end up spending a couple of bucks, but I'll most likely get 200 or 300 filters for that!  Score!!  All in all, I think I got one heckuva deal at Kohl's when all's said and done!

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