Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I Added a RetailMeNot Widget!

Have you heard of RetailMeNot.com?  It's an awesome site where you can (and should) get promotional codes for online purchases.  You can also search for and print coupons from the site, too.  I have saved lots of money by giving them a quick visit before making an online purchase.  Well, if you add a widget to your own blog, you can get a gift certificate worth $25 for a free threadless t-shirt!  They're giving away $15,000 worth of them!  Just go to retailmenot.com.  There's a blue rectangle on the right side of the page where you can find out how to put a widget on your page and claim your free t-shirt!  The widget is helpful, too!  It lists popular coupons and codes that can be used online to make purchases!  Score!

My widget is on the right, about half-way down the page.  It just might save you some money!  :)

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