Sunday, January 30, 2011 Is No More

Well, I made a serious go at doing my blog on a hosted site, but the fact is that I can't keep it up!  Since I am frugal by nature, I decided that I needed to stop paying the hosting fee for a site I'm not going to maintain.  I have started doing some homeschooling with the Little One (he's 3 years and 5 months old!!!) and it's been taking up quite a bit of time.

I'm afraid that I won't be posting here very regularly, either.  I will still share deals that I can't bear to keep to myself, but there are far better people out there who are putting up coupon matchups.......and they take so long to put together!  I never realized how much work went into just one!  Kudos to anyone who puts them together regularly.  You save me lots of money!  :)  I'll also try to point you in the direction of any particularly good coupon matchups so you can save money on your groceries/toiletries as well.

Sorry I'm not a better blogger!  :(  It takes all my energy to just be the best mommy I can be....and that's where my priorities are right now.  Thanks for supporting me and following or friending me.  I'm not going away - I just had to take a minute to be honest about this.

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