Friday, March 19, 2010

Great $10 off $20 Purchase KMart Coupon!!! **Updated: Fraud - Don't use!!

There is an amazing coupon from KMart that is on the Internet right now.  It's $10 off your next purchase of $20!!  It's valid through 5/22/10, so if you're planning on going to KMart during the Double Coupon Event I wrote about here, you're really going to score a great deal by using this coupon!!  Here's the link to the coupon.  

**(I saw a post about this on another blog, and when I clicked the link, it took me somewhere other than the coupon.  I was confused at first, then closed the tab, and tried the link again and it worked.  Hope you don't have any trouble with it!  Let me know if you do!)

I just found out this coupon is a fraud.  Sorry!!

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